Initial assessment
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Your first assessment costs £40 and will consist of the following data:

  1. An accurate frontal area calculation
  2. A scoring of your frontal area result against known benchmarks
  3. Analysis of previous ride data to calculate your CdA estimate
  4. Estimates of your performance potential 

Note that whilst some of the metrics generated in the initial assessment are estimated (albeit as accurately as the available data will allow), the key to our approach is the consist, repeatable methodology. This allows quantifiable comparisons to be made between the initial position and other subsequent positions.


Follow-up assessment
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Each subsequent analysis will cost just £20. You will receive the same data defined for the initial assessment, but with the added advantage of the key comparison between the new position and all previous positions.


What Do I Do Next?


You will need to take two photos for each position you wish to submit - one from the front and one from the side. It is worth taking some time to get a decent pair of photos for each assessment - as the better the photo the more accurate the results will be.

  • Photos taken on the road or a turbo trainer work equally well
  • Action photos are great as they probably provide a more accurate representation of your real position in race mode
  • It is very important that the front profile picture is truly front-on (you should only be able to see one wheel). The picture must include the whole profile - all of you and all of your bike!
  • Wearing clothes that contrast well with your surroundings
  • Brightly lit conditions where possible
  • Camera phone pictures are fine, but the higher resolution the better - no Instagram filters please!

Ride data:

We also need some ride data to help calculate the Cd as accurately as possible - ideally you will perform a test ride in the proposed position and provide the GPS file. If you have a power meter, this will make the results even more accurate. 

The sample data could be from a race or a specific test ride can be performed as follows: 

  • Find a section of flat road leading up to a round-a-bout, a couple of miles would be sufficient. Start away from the round-a-bout, ride up to it, round and back to the start
  • Ride a hard but even effort as close to a constant power (or speed if you don't have a power meter) as possible 
  • Ride in benign conditions - we can use data from the GPS file to look up the environmental conditions and take these into account 

Once you have your pictures and ride data, please purchase your required package via the website. When you receive your confirmation email, please forward your pictures for evaluation.

It may take us a couple of days to get back to you - depending upon how busy we are, but we'll do our best to keep you up-to-date with progress.