What results can I expect to receive?

So, it's early days here at www.bikeaerodata.com, but since our launch we have been attracting a fair amount of interest. Initial feedback on our offer is very promising - it appears that our clients are very keen to gain a better understanding of their existing aero positions. We believe that the results we provide can assist them in doing so.

One of the most obvious questions we've been asked so far is:

"What results can I expect to receive?"

In order to try and answer this question we decided to compile a sample assessment and publish some extracted results from the report.

To perform this analysis, our rider provided some power data (in this case from a recent 10 mile TT) and a simple front-on photograph in the chosen position (taken with an iPhone by a pal after a recent club event). We didn't have a side-on photograph so no virtual wind tunnel analysis was performed.

We used this data along with the photograph to calculate some results, including CdA and Cd:

The rider in question appears to have a very reasonable aerodynamic position, but given his height he still shows some potential for decreasing frontal area (and therefore his height adjusted aero score). Of course, if he can improve power too (from a known FTP of 300 watts) there are still some significant time improvements to be had over a benchmark 25 mile distance, as illustrated by the following table:

Of course it is now down to the rider to experiment with his position (and really focus his training on upping that FTP) and realise this potential. At least, thanks to Bike Aero Data, he now has something to measure himself against.

Thanks for reading.